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generational wellness.
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Era builds tools to spark cycles of generational wellness. We’re on a mission to help parents worldwide build strong relationships and raise secure, happy humans.

“We’ve heard a lot about generational trauma. With Era, we’re trying to push things in the other direction, towards generational wellness, creating a ripple effect where children raised with secure attachments can become parents skilled at nurturing the same.

In this way, one parent’s belief in their ability to nurture this essential bond can influence future generations, shaping a society where loving connections are the norm. The first step is helping parents understand that every single one of them has what it takes to offer this legacy to their children.”

Parenting is getting harder, and the solution is broken

A search for “Parenting advice” generates 1.6 billion results and yet according to a 2023 study an increase in online parenting content resulted in and overall decrease in parenting confidence. *

It’s clear, the current solution is not working.

0 %
say parenting is harder today than 20 years ago**
0 %
say they need more support in their parenting**
0 %
of parents can form secure attachments with their kids.

Sources: International Journal of Behavioral Development, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and ** Pew Research Center

The world needs a better solution for parenting in the new era.

Focused on
secure attachment

Decades of research confirm the most important aspect of parenting is forming a secure attachment with your child.

A mindful, 

holistic approach

Utilizing proven techniques from mindfulness practices, Era helps you hone intuition, decrease reactivity, and build confidence.

Guided &

Era’s AI-powered parenting journey celebrates your wins, guides you through challenges, and remains by your side every step of the way.

Our Team

We’re a team of product champions, content designers, education professionals — and, most importantly, parents — pioneering a new way of raising secure children.

We are headquartered in Portland, OR.

Our Trusted Advisors

Era is built on the work of respected child psychologists, pediatricians, neuroscientists, registered nutritionists, occupational therapists, and educators. Listen hands-free to our library of topic-based podcasts to discover their strategies for approaching everything from morning routines to evening meals and bedtime strategies. 

Invest in yourself and your children today.