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Meet Nina.

Nina is a mom of 2.

Kai is 4 and Alex is 7.

She juggles parenting and working full-time.

She rarely finds time for herself, let alone time to sift through the overwhelming patchwork of conflicting parenting advice to ensure she’s “doing it right.”

When something comes up with her kids, Nina struggles to find parenting strategies that stick.

She often feels like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. 

But, Nina does know what she’s doing.

Era is here to remind her of that. 

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Wednesday 5:45 PM

Five minutes after getting home from a busy day at work, Nina is comforting Kai. She’s recovering from an intense tantrum. “Why does this keep happening?” Nina thinks to herself.

Once the kids are in bed, Nina checks in with Era – answering a few quick questions describing some specifics about her daughter’s recent tantrums.

This check-in gives Nina a moment to reflect and hone her instincts. No one-size-fits-all advice or complicated frameworks, just simple, personalized connection strategies to give Kai the support she needs.

Image of Era app screen parent child relationship connection wheel

Sunday 8:15 PM

Nina faces the nightly challenge of transitioning Kai to bedtime. Uncertain about the best approach, she shares a quick check-in about last night’s bedtime struggle to see what advice her Daily Path offers.

A quick insight and fact about how a gradual transition and set routine will make Kai feel safe reinforce Nina’s idea to start tonight’s bedtime transition earlier and keep screen time limits firm.

No longer unsure, Nina approaches bedtime confidently with a new perspective.

Image of Era app screen parent child relationship connection wheel

Monday • 7:45 AM

At the start of a busy week, Nina starts feeling the familiar surge of stress. Amidst the morning chaos, Nina turns to Era, seeking a moment of calm with a short, guided meditation – designed just for parents.

The few minutes of mindful breathing and centered focus replace Nina’s stress with clarity and ease her into the day connected and grounded.

She realizes, in that moment for herself, that the morning chaos is not a hurdle, but a part of the journey.

Image of Era app screen parent child relationship connection wheel

Saturday• 4:15 PM

After an afternoon playing with her kids, Nina senses that her bond with Alex differs from her bond with Kai. “How can I have this level of closeness with both of them?” she thinks.

Wanting to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect with Alex, she discovers a quiz designed to give her new context on Alex’s temperament.

Her results reveal how unique Alex is from Kai (and it’s not just about the age difference!). She explores shifts in her approach to create new opportunities to nurture her bond with them.

Image of Era app screen parent child relationship connection wheel

Tuesday 8:45 AM

Home from school drop-off, Nina takes a moment to peek at Alex’s Parenting Wheel, looking for a little context into how to strengthen their bond.

Evolved from her recent check-ins and quiz results, Alex’s Parenting Wheel now shows a growing need to focus on emotional connection. Given their temperament, she wants to approach this differently.

Recalling the results from the quiz she took a few days ago, Nina makes plans for a one-on-one trip to the arcade. +10 on Pac-Man. Even if it’s not her favorite, it’s their’s – and that’s what matters.

Image of Era app screen parent child relationship connection wheel

Saturday • 7:15 AM

It’s the morning of Nina and Alex’s big arcade adventure. She wants to make sure it’s successful, but worries that she’ll struggle to connect with Alex, given their differing personalities.

With only a few minutes before the kids wake up, Nina looks to Era for guidance, finding a recommended course on emotional connection.

In less than 10 minutes, Nina gets practical tips on interpreting and responding to Alex’s emotional needs, With a strategy in mind, she’s ready to go.

Image of Era app screen parent child relationship connection wheel

Friday • 8:45 AM

Driving to work, Nina tunes into a recommended Era podcast. An episode about screen time reminds her of last night’s bedtime negotiation with Kai.

After hearing from experts and real parents on the topic, she thinks “The ‘No screens after dinner’ rule isn’t unreasonable. There’s real science behind it and it will support healthy sleep habits.”

Confirming her instincts, Nina uncovers ways to support her kids through their screen-time frustrations.

Image of Era app screen parent child relationship connection wheel



Intuitive parenting, enhanced.

Generation after generation we’ve been told we’re not equipped to parent. Somewhere along the way we started to believe it.

We know better.

Era reminds us to trust our instincts.